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We will investigate if you have sleep apnea

You need to know that sleep disordered breathing is the most common cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sleep disturbed by apnea is ineffective and does not regenerate the body.

The result is a feeling of constant exhaustion and sleepiness during the day.

The test that diagnoses breathing disorders during sleep is polysomnography.

Do you know that:

  • Every 5th man  after 40 years of age he is snoring and has apnea while sleeping

  •   A risk factor for sleep apnea is obesity and an increase in neck circumference

  • Apnea also increases the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Apnea in children:  

  • The most common cause of sleep apnea is tonsil overgrowth.

  • Child apnea can cause concentration disorders

and worse academic performance.

Polisomnografia (Badanie bezdechu sennego): Usługi
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