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Anna Kozica, M.A

Nurse, specialist in internal medicine nursing,

EMG, EEG technician,Polysomnography

Master of Science in Nursing.
Specialist in internal medicine nursing.
Licensed technician of the Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
in the field of  electromyography, electroencephalography, evoked potentials and polysomnography with experience of over 60,000 EMG, EEG and over 600 polysomnographic examinations.
She gained experience in performing neurophysiological tests under the supervision of Professor Kazimierz Tomczykiewicz and Professor Jan Miszczak. Deputy Nurse of the Department of Neurology, WIML.
In the Neurological Diagnostics and Therapy Consultations office, he serves as a medical coordinator and also performs electromyographic and polysomnographic tests.

mgr Anna Kozica: Członkowie zespołu
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