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Neurosurgeon consultations


On a daily basis, I work in the neurosurgical department of the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw.

I gained my professional experience in the Nervous System Cancer Clinic of the National Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, headed first by Prof. Wiesław Bonicki, and then by Prof. Tomasz Mandat.

I deal with surgical treatment of spine diseases - mainly degenerative diseases of the cervical and thoracic sections

and lumbar-sacral spine.


I perform microdiscectomy procedures

and stabilization of the spine using the microscopic technique. I also perform lumbar microdiscectomy operations using an endoscope.

I diagnose and treat:

* primary and secondary brain tumors

* brachial plexus

* peripheral nerves.


I am particularly interested in tumors of the brain, skull base, cerebellar pontine angle and intraventricular tumors.

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