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How to prepare for a polysomnography and polygraph examination?

Both polysomnographic and polygraphic examinations require appropriate preparation.

To make it easier for the patient to fall asleep, it is most often done at night, our laboratory also allows these tests to be performed at the patient's home (the patient receives the device home).

On the day of the examination, however, the patient should not drink coffee, strong tea, energy drinks or alcohol

and sedatives or sleeping pills, including herbal ones (unless the patient takes these drugs permanently).

Naps during the day are also not recommended, as they may make it difficult to fall asleep later. 

You should also not eat heavy or large meals before the examination, but it is advisable to be more physically active than usual, as well as to sleep less the night before the examination.

Outside these guidelines, the patient should function  As usual.

When arriving at the studio, the patient should have a bath and wash his or her head without any gels or varnishes applied. or other cosmetics.

If the patient wears a beard is necessary  shaving the neck to the jawline, and also shaving the chest so that electrodes can be stuck to the skin.

It is important that the patient feels relatively comfortable during the examination, so he should wear a T-shirt

where he will spend the night.

The next day:  in the morning at a set time, the patient removes it on his own. all electrodes and sensors that he returns to the laboratory.

The result of a polysomnography test is reliable and reliable, provided that it lasts an appropriate amount of time, i.e. it must last at least 6 hours.


The test is completely safe and there are no contraindications to its performance.

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