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Małe rośliny zielone


Neurological and Neurosurgical Clinic

in Warsaw

Since 2017, we have been providing high-quality, personalized medical care.

Years of education and experience allow us to provide services at the highest substantive level. We have all the qualifications necessary to provide high-class services.

Call to arrange a consultation or an EMG, PSG test, or intensive intravenous and intramuscular treatment.

Your health is in good hands

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MRI scans

Intravenous and intramuscular injections

We will take care of you

Administration of the drug intravenously

  • Dexamethasone

  • Ketoprofen

  • Paracetamol

Administration of the drug intramuscularly

  • Vit. B12

  • Diclofenac

  • Ketoprofen

Intravenous infusions

We will work on your physical fitness and get rid of your pain

Intensive intravenous treatment

(polyneuropathy and tetany)

*  alpha-lipoic acid

*  magnesium

*  calcium 

*  vitamin C


We will help you detect sleep apnea

Breathing disorders during sleep are the most common cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sleep disturbed by apnea is ineffective and does not regenerate the body.

The result is a feeling of constant fatigue and sleepiness during the day.

EMG studies

We help you diagnose yourself

In our office, we perform EMG tests on patients

with suspected damage to peripheral nerves or muscles.

Many years of experience of our technicians and doctors allow for quick, efficient and comfortable diagnostic tests for the patient in accordance with global standards of neurophysiological tests. The examination is performed by a neurologist assisted by a neurophysiology technician.

Neurosurgeon consultations

Individual approach to each patient.
We specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system

  • Spinal cord tumors

  • Discopathy

  • Brain tumors

  • Surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Periarticular blockade of the lumbosacral spine

  • Surgical treatment of facial nerve palsy

More information

Neurologist consultations

We will take care of you

We offer consultations in the field of neurology, with particular emphasis on epilepsy, brain tumors, polyneuropathy, mononeuropathy, neuromuscular diseases, headaches, spinal pain syndromes and tetany.
Contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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